Catering Equipment For Hire

Are you planning to start a catering venture and wondering whether or not to hire equipment? Are you having limited capital and you are now contemplating to rent equipment for your catering business? Well, you are now reading the right article that will help you make the kind of decision that will be viable. You might be aware that you need several items for your catering business among which include undoubted cooking and the right catering equipment.

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Many people say that the quality of your food is not only determined by your skills but also the equipment that you use in preparing the food. For example, you can mix your cake ingredients using your hands but you will realize that using an automatic mixer can be far better, efficient and you will be able to turn out the best quality cakes. Can you imagine trying to fry chicken for more than 1000 guests using your home pan? Wouldn't this be a lot stressful and time wasting? As a professional caterer, you do not have the luxury of time. You always want to prepare quality, delicious dishes and deliver them as fast as possible. Since time is not always on your side, you want to have the best equipment that will help you cook faster, better and enable you deliver the dishes the venue.

The ability of any professional caterer to get the best jobs depends upon the kind of equipment that the professional has. Many potential customers would want to be sure that you have the right equipment needed to deliver on the project before signing the contract just to be sure not to get disappointed. Some of the equipment that you would need include the following:

- Industrial gas cookers

- Ovens

- Bake ware

- Food warmers

- Chafing dishes

- grills

- Flatware

- Holding cabinets and disposables

- Buffet ware

- Slow cook ovens

- Dinnerware

- Transporting equipment

The above tools are just a few equipment that will make your work a lot easy. Clearly, getting all these tools can be costly, especially if you are just starting off as a small entrepreneur or when you have limited finances. So are you considering renting out or purchasing catering equipment to handle your catering assignments?

hire of catering equipment Vs Buying Catering Equipment: Which is the Best Option?

Well, while it may appear a simple decision to make, it can be slightly difficult if you consider all the necessary factors.

Some of the things that you will consider before you decide on whether or not to purchase include the amount of capital you have, the size of your clientele, and status of your catering business. Instead of deciding for you, I have prepared some meaningful information that will help you make a decisive option.

Benefits of Renting Catering Equipment

Affordability: Remember that top-grade and durable catering equipment are not cheap not to mention that they are many in number and it is not easy to have all of them. Therefore, you are going to find yourself borrowing some of them even if you decide to purchase your own. Hiring gives you the opportunity to access all the kitchenware or equipment that you need or do not have.

Cash flow management

When you are just beginning your catering business, you certainly may not have the financial muscle to keep your business as liquid as possible, so you need to rent the equipment as and when the business deal comes your way. This way you will be able to manage your cash flow much better than if you were to buy your own equipment.


The catering industry is one of the most dynamic industries you want to venture into. Therefore, you cannot afford to be buying the most recent or new equipment every time while at the same time you do not want to be left behind. This means that you are going to find it necessary to rent some equipment. You will need to experiment with some of the new equipment before choosing the best tool that will work for you.


Despite all the merits of buying catering equipment, there are numerous downsides relating to the overall cost. You will obviously need colossal amounts of money to buy all the required tools. You will need money to the tune of up $25,000 or more. Perhaps this is the main reason many potential and existing caterers are opting to rent equipment instead of buying.

If you hire catering equipment, you will be able to recoup some of the costs incurred on buying, especially because you will rent on the needs-basis. If you have been convinced that renting is a better option, then you need to consult Alexander Hire being the leading experts in catering equipment. They have some of the most modern and effective equipment that will help keeps your business on the forefront in delivering the best catering services.